Comparative Traffic Counts

The following charts were derived from the State of Tennessee's published average daily traffic counts. The opportunities for development in Hickman County are well supported by traffic counts.

It appears that Hickman County highways have higher traffic counts than similar highways in surrounding counties with two-lane highways having greater traffic than 4-lane highways in Lewis and Humphreys Counties. Considering that Hickman County development along these highways tends to lag behind other counties, the opportunity for industrial and retail expansion seems ripe.


Hickman County

Average daily traffic counts for Hickman CountyInterstate 40 shows increasing traffic loads over the ten-year period. Interstate 840, recently opened is starting to show heavy traffic, but not nearly as much as I-40. The volume of traffic near Dickson and Hickman Counties is nearly 50% greater than west to Humphreys County.

Other highways appear in three clusters:

  1. Highway 100 in Bon Aqua / Lyles and Hwy 46 in Bon Aqua show daily traffic of nearly 15,000 cars per day.
  2. Other portions of Highway 100 and Highway 7  show traffic of 6-7,000 vehicles per day.
  3. Highways 48 and 50, as well as smaller state-funded local roads, fall into the range of 2-3,000 cars per day.

Roads with fewer than 1,000 cars per day are not shown.

Humphreys County

Humphreys County Daily Traffic CountsInterstate 40 is the main source of traffic, but Highway 70 running through the heart of the county carries a major traffic load. It is noteworthy that Highway 70 carries considerably less traffic than Highway 100 in eastern Hickman County.

Lewis County

Lewis County Daily Traffic CountsThe major highway in Lewis County is Highway 412. Note that Highway 412 carries less than half the traffic of Highway 100 in Hickman County, and Highway 412 is undergoing renovation to a 4-lane system.

Perry County

Perry County daily traffic countsPerry County is bisected by two State highways: Highway 412 and Highway 13. The highways carry about 1/3 or less of the volume of Highway 100 in eastern Hickman County.

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